Pátek, Únor 8, 2019

Compile JAVA

JEdit 5.5.0
https://sourceforge. … s/jedit/files/jedit/

https://cs.libreoffice.org pro Win32bit stáhni 32 bit versi
“This installation package is not supported by this processor Type”
https://downloadarch … fice/old/latest/win/

C++ vs. Java Benchmark http://www.irrlicht3 … vot/entry.php?id=446

1. The Java File

2. Compile the Java File to a *.class file
javac TheJavaFile.java
This will create a TheJavaFile.class file

3. Execution of the Java File
java TheJavaFile

4. Creation of an executable *.jar file
Create the manifest file say - MANIFEST.mf
The MANIFEST file is nothing but an explicit entry of the Main Class
jar -cvfm TheJavaFile.jar MANIFEST.mf TheJavaFile.class
Executable by Entry Point:
jar -cvfe TheJavaFile.jar TheJavaFile.class

5. To run the Jar File
java -jar TheJavaFile.jar

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