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Android Auto

Android Auto
Podporuje Mapy Google a Waze
https://play.google. … .projection.gearhead

Waze vyžaduje on-line připojení
https://play.google. … /details?id=com.waze

Mapy Google - stažení off line map
- zařízení a pak Karta SD
- zapněte Pouze Wi-Fi.
https://support.goog … form%3DAndroid&hl=cs

Smartlink = Mirrorlink, Aple Carplay, Android Auto (Infotainment Bolero)
Mobily s fukcí Mirror Link:

Rádia s fukcí Mirror Link:
https://www.aliexpre … een/32901489478.html
https://www.aliexpre … oth/32963382455.html


Mirrorlink on Redmi Note 4X
Unlock your phone go to Settings.
Under Settings, scroll down and open About Phone.
Find Build Number and tap 7 times on it.
Developer options enabled USB debugging
and select USB Configuration to MTP
Start the mirrorlink on your stereo. When it start searching, toggle OFF/ON USB debugging on your phone.
Your Car Stereo detect the phone and ask permission to install Interconnection service. Just click Install/Yes on your phone.

„Ok Google“
https://support.goog … form%3DAndroid&hl=cs

Import CSV files do kalendáře
https://support.goog … r/answer/37118?hl=en
Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time,All Day Event,Description

http://www.elektroko … yword=LECTRON+Voyage
Baterie - Li-ion Panasonic 17,5Ah (647Wh)
https://www.topbatte … msung-8p-repase.html

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