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Židovský hřbitov

Jewish Cemetery, Třebíč https://cs.wikipedia … řbitov v Třebíči
Total area is 11,678 m². It’s possible to find 2,600 tombstones, the oldest still readable of which dates back to 1625. There were Buried about 11,000 people.
The cemetery was founded in the 2nd half of the 15th century and after the flood of 1888 extended southward (new section of the cemetery). In this section there is a monument to victims of the First World War (in 1922, 20 victims) and the Second World War (1957, 290 victims).
Here https://gis.trebic.c … apa/zidovsky-hrbitov you will find the translation of 2408 tombstones. We were able to identify a total of 2,309 people who are buried on the Jewish cemetery and save information to the database. There are detailed photo documentation to each grave (including ccd details tombstones) and grave sites are targeted and shown in the accompanying map.
A virtual tour is available HERE https://www.virtualt … bic/zidovsky-hrbitov
Cemetery Website: https://www.mkstrebi … ky/zidovsky-hrbitov/

Jewish Families from Třebíč … bitsch-Moravia/13113
Ornstein Family … s/misc/ornstein.html
Růžena Ledererová (29.5.1872 - 15.10.1942 Treblinka)
https://www.holocaus … baze-obeti/strana/7/ … 316917429#/tab/media
Leopold Ornstein (1913 Třebíč - 2005 USA)
https://cs.wikipedia … iki/Leopold_Ornstein … /6000000007316928793
Bedřich Ornstein (1915 Třebíč - 2001 VB)
https://cs.wikipedia … ki/Bedřich_Ornstein … /6000000007316917502

On-line židovské matriky https://matriky.msts … wtopic.php?f=17&t=18
Joachim Pollak (1798-1879) https://dspace.cuni. … e/20.500.11956/92999
návrh naučné stezky https://dspace.cuni. … /20.500.11956/103656

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