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Raspberry Pi 4

Android-x86 https://www.fosshub.com/Android-x86.html
Settings, About, and tap the build number seven times and you’ll get a message that you’ve enabled developer mode.
Back out that screen and you should see a Developer settings menu within the settings. Within that menu is when you can enable root access.

Instalace Raspberry pi 3 pro Android 7 atvrpi320160530.zip
https://sourceforge. … 0160530.zip/download
https://forums.raspb … //viewforum.php?f=73
https://emteria.com/ Rouchovany1

Raspberry Pi 4 http://homeassistant.local:8123 Pi4 admin
LineageOS 17.1 build for Pi 4 has built-in root
Can enable root access under Settings -> System -> Developer options -> Root access.

spotové ceny jsou pod názvem Home Assistant Czech Energy Spot Prices
[url]https://www.hom … 023cbf42dc17237d186e[/url]
https://github.com/r … z_energy_spot_prices
https://blog.vyorale … tant-hass-io-1-cast/
https://www.sundaygate.cz/ regulace podle spot cen

https://www.youtube. … /watch?v=CJUQigg6JDo
ad https://github.com/thomasmauerer/hassio-addons
zapnout pokročilý režim, přidat Samba
senzor TEMT6000

Raspberry Pi 4
https://hello-future … instalace-a-zacatky/
https://blog.vyorale … y-v-ha/#comment-1848
https://play.google. … d=app.homehabit.view
systém nainstaluj na SD kartu https://www.raspberrypi.com/software/
Other specific-purpose OS > Home assistants and home automation > Home Assistant
na kartě vyvořte složku network a v ní textový dokument my-network
a zadejte název své Wi-Fi a heslo ke své Wi-Fi.
Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi.
Connect the power supply to start up the device.
Za pár minut zadejte do prohlížeče stránku http://hassio:8123

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